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Editing Porn


Pour ceux qui veulent communiquer avec moi via MSN c'est mikeflirt@hotmail.com


What is like to edit porn, some people might saw, it's like any other job. Well it's not. It's the most wanderfull job on earth. Of course some time you get excited by watching in slow motion all the sensual gesture of Camille's tongue, but this is just the bad part of the job. Sorry if you don't like your job, mine is just great.

(Sorry I am mostly "French" and this text is not yet revised)

Mike Flirt Behind The Scene

Lots of folks out there ask me for behind the scene picture of my work. This is one that Camille catch for this week update, hope you enjoy to see what is going on on the technical side of my work.

For those who are more intrigue with the technical side of my beautiful porn, I use http://dslrcontroller.com with a Galaxy 7 Pad (God this thing is so not well put together pfff anyway). The aps control my camera, and it's the only reason why I bought the Android Tab. To be honest I have no clue why people would buy and android Tab it's really not as smooth and well built as an iPad.

(Sorry I am mostly "French" and this text is not yet revised)

New Mike Flirt Blog On The Way

Working on my special place on the Internet so don't worry if you see weird post for now, I am really just testing this new Blog System.

You can visite them at http://get-simple.info/