The Wednesday Tip: Get Her In Heat!

In Heat!

It’s all about the ambiance – woman like it hotter than man, and she’ll be way more in the mood when she’s warm! If you want her to feel comfortable, and for her to want to get undressed, put the heat up. 

Keep it at 77F/25C, she’ll be in the mood to take some of it off pretty fast – while if it’s freezing, she’ll be stiff and covering herself up with a ton of layers.

The Wednesday Tip: Make It All About Her!

Make It All About Her!

It’s a lot less stressful for a woman to climax if you take the time to make it all about her – tell her that this session, she’s your only focus. Tell her you’ll only touch her with your mouth and your fingers, and that you’re keeping your undies on for the night. 

Even if you feel the urge, she has to know your only mission is her, and that you won’t get too enthusiastic in the middle of the act and try to progress beyond going down on her. Keep a dim light on, play with all of her, and ask if she likes it. After a such evening, don’t worry, she’ll want to give it back to you in kind!

The Wednesday Tip: Use Every Part of Your Body!

The Wednesday Tip: Use Every Part of Your Body!

You can use every part of your body to pleasure her as long as she wants it as much as you do!

You can rub your nose on her, your cock, your flat hand…

The Wednesday Tip: Both Hands At The Same Time!

The Wednesday Tip: Both Hands At The Same Time!

You can try to synchronies your two hands when you are using a toy or fingering her. Touch her clitoris at the same time as you penetrate her, it can be with fingers or a toy.

By stimulating her vagina and clitoris at the same time, she will be more submerge by pleasure, than if you only use one or the other.

The Wednesday Tip: Circle Around!

The Wednesday Tip: Circle Around!

Circle around her clit, some women will orgasm without you even touching at their clitoris. Others will enjoy the edging it creates, but will not climax from it.

Once she is really on the edge you can make smaller circles on her bare clit, that will push her over!

The Wednesday Tip: Tease Her Slit!

The Wednesday Tip: Tease Her Slit!

Tease her slit before you put anything in! If you take your time and tease her well enough, you will fill her pussy motion on your fingers. When you feel she is wet enough, you can slowly penetrate her.

Make her desire last for as long as you can, she will get drench.

Sensual 69 That Pleases You And Her!

Cassie For

Sometimes you want to experience pleasure in all sorts of ways. Giving and receiving pleasure at the same time is one of the most incredibly sensual things you can do. Cassie and Rick are both really sensual people at their cores, so 69 works perfectly for the intense desire to feel it all and be overwhelmed by sensation. Cassie gets right on top of Rick and sits on his face, offering up her beautiful pussy for his mouth.

While he licks at her, she sucks on his cock, stroking the shaft while she works the cockhead over with her tongue swirling inside her mouth. Her hands find their way around his leg to caress his balls every time he does something particularly amazing to her pussy. Though it’s usually difficult to concentrate during a 69 session, both of them are so unbelievably focused on giving pleasure that they make it a priority.

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She begins to breathe sharply, moaning into his cock as she comes all over his face. Rick uses and hand to tease Cassie’s ass as well, and she moans appreciatively. His tongue drifts up there, rimming her and giving her all the oral pleasure he can as she comes down from her orgasm. He comes as he delves his tongue back into her pussy, tasting her as he offers up a gorgeous cumshot for her.

Hot Rod Cunnilingus With Selina!

Selina For

Selina For

The motorcycle handles like a dream, but it can’t stay out forever. It’s the symbol of so many adventures and meandering trips with more focus on the joy of the ride than on the destination at hand. This kind of free-spiritedness teaches you so much about embracing that side of yourself in other parts of life.

As Selina seduces Parker, she embodies this strength and beauty. Her desires are known, her body is open and her whims are met. There’s no need to question the times where you just need to connect, to feel hands on your body, to prioritize your pleasure. As Parker licks and fingers Selina to an impressive orgasm, she rides his face like she’s on the open road.

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