Erotic Moans and Orgasms Compilation

Erotic Moans and Orgasms Compilation

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Erotic Moans and Orgasms Compilation

Published Feb 02, 2015 ~ 7:34 min.

This is our first ever compilation on The Art of Cunnilingus, and we wanted to focus on women's pleasure in the form of moans and orgasms. Seeing women connecting with their bodies and experiencing amazing feelings is wonderful, and there isn't enough of that in the world. This compilation features a variety of beautiful, engaging moments where it's all about her. Hear beautiful moans, sometimes guttural and raw, other times soft and a little bit shy. As these moans break through into full orgasmic cries, you can't help but be transfixed by the beauty of the experience.

Shot on Feb 02, 2015

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